We have years of experience in dealing with central heating boilers, so whether you need a trusted, reliable and qualified installer, or an expert engineer to repair your heating system.

You can rely on us to deliver a fast, efficient and professional service.

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We can supply a new boiler, design a brand new system or install your new boiler and integrate it with your current system.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers are fully trained to ensure that the boiler installation is done safely and to a high standard.



If you have a boiler emergency we can be with you quickly and can usually resolve your problem in one visit. We will carry out the work to the highest standards giving you the confidence that it will not happen again.



We are Gas Safe Registered heating engineers so are fully qualified to design, install, fit, maintain and repair all central heating systems. If you feel that your house is not warm enough when your heating is on or that some radiators are cold whilst others are warm, then contact us straight away so we can help you.



Logic can help you decide which type of thermostat would be best for your needs.  There are many different types to choose from; wired, wireless, programmable and Smart.  They all help to control room temperature for levels suitable to you and help make the heating system more efficient.



Underfloor heating is not as expensive as most other traditional heating methods, there is hardly any maintenance involved reducing costs even further. Most households with underfloor heating reduce their overall heating costs from anywhere between 15 and 30%.

We are highly experienced in installing underfloor heating in homes. Speak to one of our engineers and we can talk through the benefits and the various designs you can choose from.



Ideal for setting times for your heating and hot water to come on and off to suit your needs. This is great way to make your system more efficient and to save money.



Central heating pumps help circulate water around the heating system. Over time these can fail, especially if the system isn't maintained and has sludge. Common symptoms would include some radiators being colder than others or the system being a lot slower than usual.



Hot water cylinders come in different forms; vented, unvented, direct, indirect or thermal store. We provide installation, serving and repairs for all of these.we can also provide help and support when deciding which may be best for you



You may have cold spots on your radiator, or a radiator which stays cold whilst the rest of the radiators in your house warm up perfectly. This could mean that there is some sludge or debris blocking the water flow.

During a Power Flush, we will connect a high pressure pumping unit to your central heating system. We will then use high strength cleaning chemical to flush out any sludge, debris and rust that you may have in your system.



Separate zones whether that be for heating and hot water; so they can work separately or together, or these can be for different heating zones- traditional heating system and underfloor heating system.  Our engineers are fully qualified to install and repair.



TRVs are fitted to each radiator which allows you to control the temperature of each room individually. This can help to reduce your heating bills.

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We always keep a clear line of communication with the customer so that they understand exactly what we’re doing and why.


Our aim is to provide you with a cost effective solution so you will save money for years to come.


We’re so confident in our skills as plumbers that we guarantee all of our work.


We always provide detailed written quotations, which we are happy to go through with you over the phone or in person, so that you understand exactly what we’re charging for and why.